Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rocking Chairs I Love: Individual Makers

Here are a few rocking chairs from folks who mostly make furniture other than rocking chairs, so definitely peruse their websites to see what else they make.

Jennifer Anderson's rocking chair was inspired by Robert Van Norman's double rocker. Photo by David Welter. Here is my post on Anderson's work.

Robert Van Norman's original. Photo by David Welter.

This rocker was made by Leslie Webb. My post on her work is here.

Here's a rocker by Harold Greene. Photo by Bruce Ecker. My post on his other work is here.


Alison Burtt said...

Okay, I seriously covet that Leslie Webb rocker. I'm headed over to her site now to see...

Randy Goodhew said...

Rocking chairs are the most personal expression of chair design.
They must be comfortable, inviting and pleasant to look at.
They can be both artfully crafted and a well crafted work of art.
Form and function meet in the design of a good rocking chair.

A good rocking chair evokes images of grandparents and presidents.
It’s where you go to comfort a small child.
It’s where you go to read a good book.
It’s where you go to enjoy the ancient therapy of rhythmically rocking.

The humble rocking chair has earned a special place among our furniture traditions.
No front porch is complete without a rocking chair.
No fireplace is fully functional without a fire-side rocking chair.
No wood workers journey is finished without having made a rocking chair.

Furnitude said...

Alison, I agree about Webb's rocker. Really beautiful.

Randall, my sentiments exactly.

Jussi said...

I like your blog. Have you seen Ilmari Tapiovaara's Mademoiselle rocking chair from Finland?