Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Furniture I Love: Harold Greene Edition

It’s fitting that Harold Greene’s last name is Greene, since his furniture is so in line with the work of the famous Greene brothers. Harold works in the Arts & Crafts tradition but departs from it to make his own distinctive style. Have a look at the details of his Peony cabinet. The form of it is amazing in itself, but Greene takes it to a higher level with a lotus flower inlay, hand-carved ocean waves on the lower apron and the magnificent peony flower pull. He carved the pull in wax and then it was cast in bronze at a local foundry. (See Harold’s article on the process of bronze casting in the current issue – No. 197, March/April 2008 – of Fine Woodworking Magazine.

To show the range of his style and skill, see this sculptural rocking chair that looks as comfortable as it is beautiful.

And now for something completely different, check out Greene’s rockin' electric bass guitar.

See more of Harold Greene’s work at his website, www.antiquesofthefuture.net.

Photos: Bass and rocker are by Bruce Ecker. The Peony cabinet is by Kathleen Seixas.