Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Furniture I Love: Adam King Edition

There are lots of features that recommend Adam King's furniture, but there are a couple in particular that set his work apart.

The first is the details. It's not just that Adam pays attention to detail; it's that he has an excellent imagination for creating the right detail for the right place in the right piece. His Ginkgo Table is a case in point. The inlay of the Ginkgo leaf is beautiful and shows Adam's level of skill and artistry, but my favorite detail is the breadboard ends. The fact that he made the top with breadboard ends in the first place speaks volumes about Adam's intentions with his furniture. You could get away with a top that small (27" by 21") not having breadboard ends. However, Adam goes to extra effort to ensure that the top will always be stable. The side benefit, and it makes the piece, is that the breadboard ends are so beautiful and done so well.

Another feature I love is the curved legs on this Display Table. If you imagine the piece with straight, square legs, it's still a beautiful piece. However, the subtle curves give the table lift and movement. The only risk with owning a Display Table this beautiful is that it will outshine the object it's displaying!

The other piece I want to highlight is his butternut Tansu. I love the dovetails (see a photo on Adam's website), but I'm also really impressed with the doors. The panels are figured walnut and cypress. Very cool.

To see more of Adam King's work, check out his website at While you're there, be sure to check out his blog as well.

Update: photos are by David Bilingsly.