Thursday, December 11, 2008

Recommendations for Books I Haven't Read

That's not quite true. I flipped through one at a bookstore. I heard about another on NPR. I saw the Townsend show at the Met a couple years ago, so I saw all the furniture featured in the book. But even without having read these books (yet), I think it's safe to say they would appeal to anyone interested in furniture or woodworking (myself included...hint, hint). Maybe you could print out this post and accidently leave it in a conspicuous location in the off chance that someone in a gift-giving mood might find it.

A Splintered History of Wood: Belt Sander Races, Blind Woodworkers, and Baseball Bats by Spike Carlsen

John Townsend: Newport Cabinetmaker by Morrison H. Heckscher

New Chairs: Innovations in Design, Technology, and Materials by Mel Byars