Monday, December 8, 2008

Feats of Woodworking: GreenWood Edition

Last Wednesday's (12/04/08) NY Times included an article about responsibly-grown Christmas trees featuring Friend-of-Furnitude Curtis Buchanan. This is only one of Curtis' environmental efforts. The other is an organization called GreenWood, which, according to its website, "trains artisans to make high-quality wood products, adding value to forest resources and creating incentives to protect biodiversity." He co-founded GreenWood with Brian Boggs and Scott Landis.

The people they train in Latin America's rain forest areas can earn better wages making furniture and other wood products than they can working in the timber and factory farm industries, whose practices indiscriminately destroy everything in their path. GreenWood is protecting the environment and improving people's lives in the process. Through their considerable effort and generosity of time and spirit, they are turning a vicious cycle into a virtuous one.

Read more about GreenWood at

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Adam said...

Hey, Mitch. Glad you featured this project. I first read about them in Woodwork Mag. I love this idea. Taking the skills and talents of furniture making coupled with he business end of it to other countries. Can the woodworking community begin thinking this creatively more often? Imagine if that answer was yes.