Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Name that chair!

Calling all Mid-Century Modern chair aficionados! A reader emailed me with some photos of a chair he bought wanting to know if I could help identify its designer/maker. With my limited knowledge of Scandanavian furniture, my guess is that it is Danish or Swedish. And it looks like something from the 1950s era. That's as far as I could go. One interesting feature is that the rungs are attached to the legs with wedged through-tenons. Very cool! The upholstery is leather and the reader thinks the wood might be mahogany. If you have any ideas about the origin of this chair or any clues to follow, please let me know.

In the course of doing a little research, I found a very cool blog devoted to chairs! It is and I've added it to my mammoth list of design blogs.


modernemama said...

Don;t know it's official name but I'm calling it gorgeous

Alison Heath said...

I have to say I'd be surprised if it's mahogany--no distinctive little dots that I can see. I think it looks more like walnut, but it's hard to tell from the pictures. And if it's walnut, it's probably American.

Unknown said...

The woven leather back looks like a pair of "chairmaster" vintage chairs that I saw, out of N.Y. That finish looks to me like a semi opaque stain which is what they use over maple. see if there are white areas where the finish is missing.