Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rocking Chairs I Love: Timothy Clark Edition

You can call Timothy Clark's rocking chairs traditional if you want to. They're certainly based in the Windsor tradition. To me they look more like a Windsor/Shaker hybrid with a modern sensibility. Those styles are related anyway, but he pulls the best features from each to make his version. Because of that and Clark's line of chairs in different colors, I could see these chairs being right at home with Arts & Crafts or even minimalist furniture.

His Cod Rib Rocker (above and below) won first place in the Custom or Studio Furniture category at the 2008 Vermont Fine Furniture and Woodworking Show. That's no small feat -- let's just say they've got a few good woodworkers in Vermont. :)

I also love his Side Chair Rocker.

His Waltham rocker was featured in Elle Decor Magazine and in the 2008 edition of the book 500 Chairs by Lark Books. Note the beautiful sculpting on the rockers themselves.

Clark is one of the woodworkers I was talking about in my introduction who make things other than rocking chairs. Be sure to peruse his entire line. Check out his "What's New" link to see photos of some of his work in progress. His website is