Monday, January 26, 2009

Rocking Chairs I Love: John Moldovan Edition

John Moldovan makes a full range of furniture in Sonoma, California. His rocking chairs, like his tables seating, are exquisitely crafted out of woods you don't see too often these days -- elm, sweet gum and eucalyptus. And I envy West Coast woodworkers for having Claro walnut close by. Moldovan's designs are always changing and evolving. There is a great sense of play in the different styles he makes. Have a look at his whole collection, but especially these great examples of his work. The first is his Donau Rocker No. 2, out of cherry and California black walnut.

Sweet Gum Rocker, out of American sweet gum and wenge.

Quincy's Rocker, out of California black walnut and wenge.

Check out John Molodvan's website at

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TheWoodWhisperer said...

Oh man. You know someone has designed an exquisite chair when it just LOOKS comfortable. It sure isn't easy making wood look comfortable. A nice change from the all too prevalent Maloof-style rocker. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.