Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rocking Chairs I Love: Bill Lindau Edition

In the section on his website about his rocking chairs, Bill Lindau says, "I design and build handmade rocking chairs that are unlike any other chairs on the market." I agree. He also makes the very interesting point that while his chairs are influenced by the work of Sam Maloof, Maloof himself was influenced by the work of Finn Juhl and Hans Wegner. I'm familiar with Hans Wegner, but I'm psyched to look into the work of Finn Juhl.

Lindau's chairs are amazing, but one in particular (above and immediately below) blows me away. It is a walnut rocker with quilted maple backrests and bubinga accents. I LOVE the asymmetric back. The quilted maple backslats are positively iridescent. The seat is made with some of the most beautifully figured walnut I have ever seen. The curves on the arms rests are incredibly clean and crisp. If you have a pulse, you can't look at this chair and not be thrilled at the state of craft in America. Believe me, if I had $4,000 bucks, I'd be sitting in this chair right now.

Here's another walnut rocker with plain maple backrests.

Look at the camphor burl backrests on this Appalachian black cherry rocking chair.

Check out more rocking chairs and other furniture from Lindau Woodworks at www.lindauwoodworks.com. Bill has a companion website at www.customrockingchairs.net.


David said...

Unbelivable, it look like his chairs came out of a mold that he would have poured "liquid wood" let it set and open the mold to get such perfection!!
Thank you to bring some of the best woodworker to us!

Doug Fricke said...

I couldn't agree more, Bill Lindau's rockers are among the best. His walnut rocker featured here with the bubinga laminate in the asymetrical headrest is from late 2008.

At what point in a rocking chair artist's career is it fair for the community to stop referring to his work as "maloof" inspired? With regard to Bill Lindau, I believe the time has come. His chairs are Lindau rockers. Bill is young enough to be Sam's son and has obviously taken the craft to the next level. Just one look, that's all it takes.

Doug Fricke said...

For those Furnitude bloggers interested in Bill Lindau Rocking Chairs, photos of his latest artwork were posted on his website today. Check-out chair Five(V).

It's sculpted from African Rosewood (Bubinga). Just one look, that's all it takes.