Friday, June 13, 2008


I hope you’ll indulge me a non-furniture post (I promise I’ll get back to them soon). As I was mowing my yard yesterday in the hot sun, a new concept dawned on me, one that, if it were practiced on a large scale, would have a positive impact on the environment and, perhaps more immediately, save me some work. You see, dear reader, I’m lazy. La-Z. Lazy with a capital LA.

Here’s what I started to ponder as the sweat started dripping: Why do we people who have yards have to mow them every week? Is it because the neighbors do? Is it because our aesthetic sense dictates that a mown lawn is the ideal? The answer is probably ‘yes’ to both.

Well, I want to propose a new way. The way I see it, there are at least two things that are harmful about our national addiction to a mown lawn: 1) it necessitates the use of gasoline, which is something we need to stop wasting and which, by its very use, releases bad stuff into the air and 2) it necessitates me exerting myself. Let’s say, conservatively, that one million people mow their lawn every week. Let’s also say that each uses a half-gallon of gas. The easy math says that if they went from mowing every week to mowing every two weeks, then that would save 500,000 gallons of gas every two weeks! That’s exponentially huge when you consider the $2 million bucks it would save, not to mention preventing the environmental harm of drilling, refining and transporting the gas. (Obviously, I could save even more gasoline by mowing the yard with the push mower that is gathering spider webs in my shed, but if you think I will do that, then you are missing the point entirely.)

Here’s another example. Aside from mowing the lawn every other week instead of every week, I practice eco-laziness when I drink milk straight from the container (thus avoiding having to waste water – and expend energy -- by washing a glass).

So the definition of eco-laziness is: To not do something that harms the environment mostly to avoid doing work. An environmental two-fer, if you will.

Who’s with me?!?


Justin Tyson said...

I find your wisdom inspiring. You've finally provided me with a reasonable excuse for the fact that I've only mowed my lawn once this year (with a push mower, I might add). I'm sure I'll be able to use this excuse on a plethora of other laziness-induced yet environmentally friendly actions.

Sophie said...

Yep. Am cultivating areas of meadow in my garden for this very reason - Only needs mowing twice a year. Bonus of wildflowers.

Matt said...

I spent all day today looking for the right reason (not excuse, but reason) for not mowing the backyard that I neglected to mow yesterday.

I'm on board with this's not's eco-efficiency!

the projectivist said...

you should get a push lawnmower!
there's something really satisfying about the quiet clack-clack-clack of the blades.
my great grandmother had one and now they're making a welcome return.
happy days!