Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Furniture I Love: Trevor O'Neal Edition

In my own work, I want to start experimenting with material other than wood. There's no better inspiration than Trevor O’Neil. Have a look at his “Urbanati DJ Concole.” This piece incorporates recycled cork, a recycled pine beam and plywood. I’m really amazed at the imagination at play here.

I also love this amazing divan out of recycled cork and birch.

It’s one thing to make outlandish things (O’Neil calls them “Curious Builds”), but it’s another thing to have the traditional skills to back it up. Check out this dining table and set of chairs to see the kinds of mad skills O’Neil has.

I applaud him for pushing the design envelope.

Enjoy his work at www.trevoroneal.com.

Thanks to the folks at Design Boner for the referral.


Ted Wong said...

Excellent body of work. A true explorer.

Aubster said...

I have one question. Where do you find that much cork? I love that design, and it has inspired a lot of ideas in my head.

Thanks for sharing

Furnitude said...

Inspiration is the goal, so I'm glad you are inspired. Regarding the cork, I'll contact Trevor to see if he has any suggestions. Thanks!