Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Furniture I Love: Chairs by Alan Daigre and Matthew Teague

One of the great things about belonging to a woodworking guild (shameless plug for the Cumberland Furniture Guild) is that you get to meet amazing woodworkers who live nearby. That’s especially true for Matthew Teague and Alan Daigre. Both are great woodworkers in their own right, and they’ve been collaborating for the last few years on making incredible chairs. Check out this chaise made by Alan Daigre. I saw it from a distance once and could have sworn it was green velvet.

It’s kind of shocking how comfortable these chairs are. You’d swear you were sitting on upholstery. Be sure to check out the page that lists the galleries and shows where their work is available so you could try one out yourself. This one is a collaboration between Alan and Matthew.

Here's one of Alan’s signature rockers.

Alan’s Facebook page is here. Matthew has also started Spring House Press, a new publishing venture for the maker movement. He’s got some very cool titles out and more coming soon. Enjoy!

All photos by Dan Feather