Friday, June 5, 2009

Furniture I Love: Susan Link Edition

I found out about Susan Link's work in an ad for the Focus on Furniture show at Handmade in America. The show is up until August 14 in the furniture mecca of Asheville, North Carolina.

You can get an idea of the range of Susan's work by looking at her two treatments of the buffet. The Craftsman Buffet (above) is light and dynamic and has an uncluttered design featuring a floating top. The Fired up Buffet (below) is similar in design and function, but much more dramatic with its use of ambient lighting.

I also want to point out her walnut/curly maple end table. It's a straightforward table done very well and shows some great choices in contrasting woods.

On the imaginative side of the spectrum is the wall shelf she calls Morning Jazz. It's completely functional in that it contains a mirror, drawers for small items like keys or jewelry and the shelf. But it also shows her creativity and humor. I'm sure working with all those complex angles was no small feat.

See more of Susan Link's work at

Photos credits: Craftsman Buffet and Fired Up by Tim Barnwel, Morning Jazz by Bob Gibson.


Furnitude said...

Thanks, Matt, for the heads-up on the bad url. Mitch

Mr. Deaf Carpenter said...

The last pic is really beautiful and unique. It's making me think what I could do...