Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Furniture I Love: Craig Yamamoto Edition

I love to see examples of artists taking clearly defined influences and transforming them with personal vision into original creations. That's what Craig Yamamoto does with his Japanese- and Shaker-influenced work. If you start with quality craftsmanship and an eye for proportion and add exceptional wood treated with respect and reverence, you end up with uniquely beautiful furniture.

I especially love Yamamoto's take on the Tansu -- an upright version to accomodate a client's needs.

Check out his adjustable music stand. I know the butterfly key can be overused (guilty as charged!), but in this case it saves a beautiful piece of wood from the scrap heap and looks beautiful doing so. The craftsmanship of the adjustment mechanism is off the charts.

I'll end with his Trestle Base Zataku Table.

There's a lot of furniture and great detail photos on Craig's website, so have a look around. You can find it at www.yamamotowoodworker.com.