Saturday, November 22, 2008

Furniture I Love: Tom Loeser Edition

Ok, I don't love all of Tom Loeser's furniture. I love some of it and hate some of it. Maybe that means he's getting somewhere. I found out about Tom Loeser from an article in the current (December/January 2009) edition of American Craft Magazine. Call it gimmicky, call it academic, call it too clever by half, call it anything you want -- but you have to admit there is a lot of imagination going on in his work. And it appears that the pieces are executed with solid craftsmanship.

Some of Loeser's work makes me think about what constitutes a piece of furniture in the first place. Don't get bogged down in it, but that's a question I believe furniture makers should ask themselves from time to time. Thinking about it can open your mind to new possibilities. And it can help you avoid taking yourself and your craft toooooo seriously.

Loeser's work can be seen at There's a lot of stuff on his site. In his gallery section, be sure to look at the chests of drawers. I love the cabinets (in the first two rows of photographs) with drawers within drawers (and sometimes within more drawers still!). I've thought of doing that before but haven't acted on it. Drat!

Also check out the "forest furniture germany" and "flotilla" sections. You can find American Craft Magazine at

I hope you enjoy Loeser's work. Or hate it.


Harley said...

His creations are interesting. But, I hate Flash Websites. Just something about them.

lostinthecolonies said...

i think his work has a great sense of fun and even whimsy . . . cool why not build that way
if i had the means i certainly would love to have a piece . . or four