Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Furniture I Love: Garnish(home) Edition

Maybe this post should be called Woodworking I Love. Garnish(home), the creation of Meagan Schafer and Daryl Kirkham (both from Vancouver, BC), does have really fun furniture, but it was the other stuff that drew me in. Their chic line of jewelry and home accessories is cohesive, yet offers lots of surprises. I discovered their work on Etsy doing a search, as I often do, for the latest cool things made out of wood. Some of their jewelry pieces (cufflinks, earrings, pendants) have really cool engravings (check out this pendant), but my favorites are the ones with colored, resin swaths through them. Here’s a money clip out of walnut with a cool blue stripe.

One of the surprises in their line is pinhole cameras. The cameras mount to any tripod and have three aperture settings.

Another surprise is this fascinating cd holder. It’s a very imaginative take on a ubiquitous accessory.
Aside from the wooden jewelry, they also offer wooden purses, which I think is just brilliant.

You can find more on Etsy at Their website is