Sunday, July 27, 2008

Furniture I Love: Dorset Custom Furniture Edition

When I had a look at the selection at Dorset Custom Furniture, my first reaction was that this is some serious stuff. Dan Mosheim has been at it since 1980, and it shows in the quality and variety of his work as well as the incredible number of pieces he has made over the years. His work in veneer is outstanding. Dan is the kind of guy who could make anything. Have a look at these examples:

Dan also writes an excellent blog. He chronicles the process of building pieces so that his clients can observe it. The benefit to the rest of us is that we get a view into how this excellent woodworker and his crew builds these complicated pieces. I especially love his post on building a tansu style cabinet. He also talks about another subject near and dear to my heart: golf. I often wonder how many furniture makers also like to play golf. It’s definitely a sport that matches the temperament of woodworkers – solitary, nature-focused, problem solving at every turn, executing. But I digress.

Enjoy more of Dan’s work at his company’s website, Dorset Custom Furniture.