Thursday, May 1, 2008

Furniture I Love: David Young Edition

David Young chose this quote from C.R. Mackintosh to feature on his web site: “The craftsman of the future must be an artist…” It’s a very fitting quote, because there is definitely artistry in how Young’s furniture takes the lines and proportions that are the hallmarks of the Arts & Crafts tradition to a new level.

This vanity is what first caught my eye. I love the strength of the substantial legs and thick top, but what makes the piece is the case that appears to float. The contrast works really well.

I love the proportions this cherry cabinet. Also, you can see how Young differentiates his work with details, especially the curved drawer fronts and the beautiful side panels.

I never realized how much I love clocks until I started this blog. I’ve posted quite a few so far. There's something intriguing about the way clocks bring together utility and beauty. I love Young’s interpretation of some traditional Arts & Crafts clock designs.

You can see more of David Young’s work at

Photos are by Reggie Morrow.

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geide said...

Great post Mitch. I love the cherry cabinet... It’s fun to see you highlight David Young’s work, I met him at the Milwaukee Furniture show last September. Guess he studied with Gary Rogowski...