Monday, April 14, 2008

Furniture I Love: John Cameron Edition

John Cameron is another woodworker who took what he learned at the College of the Redwoods and ran with it. I’m so impressed by Cameron’s versatility, from his furniture to his experience in boat-making to his work with engraving. First, have a look at his “16-foot Whitehall pulling boat.” The skill and artistry involved in making a boat this beautiful is beyond my comprehension.

The word that keeps coming to mind in describing Cameron’s work is elegance. This walnut table is elegant from its curved, tapering legs to its subtly-angled drawer. The half-blind dovetails are a thing of beauty.

I also love Cameron’s writing desk in Swiss pear and sassafrass. The drawer has a fall-front which allows the use of a computer keyboard, making this classic desk fit perfectly in a home office.

See more of John Cameron’s work at

Photos of the boat are by Dave Stotzer. Photos of the desk and tables are by Lance Patterson.

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Ted Wong said...

It's true there are "Six Degrees of Separation". I was in one of the same classes as John back in 1994 at CR. One of the most focused and dedicated woodworkers I've ever met.