Thursday, March 6, 2008

Furniture I Love: Christoph Engle Edition

One great trick that some furniture makers do well is combining different woods, especially unusual woods, to create interest in a piece of furniture. When I saw Christoph Engle’s “Cabinet Time Forgot,” I was struck by how well the different woods complimented each other. There is not a huge contrast, which is something lots of furniture makers go for, but instead there’s a subtle gradation in the tones. I also love that there is space between the slates in the book-matched front doors.

Another of Engle’s designs that I love is his cherry display cabinet. I definitely see the influence of Engle’s time at the College of the Redwoods under James Krenov at play in this piece. I love what he has done with this design inside and out. The interior details are exquisite.

Enjoy more of Christoph Engle’s work at

All photos by Christoph Engle.


Ted Wong said...

If you like Cristoph Engle's work check out the influence of Krenov and the College of the Redwoods is unmistakable.
You and I have similar tastes in design

Furnitude said...

Ted, Thanks for your comment. Yes, the College of the Redwoods is incredible and their website is great. If you go to the graduates section, you can see a directory of their graduates and some of the entries have websites. Thanks again!

meinhaiku said...

Ingeborg Kohler said....
My "spice cabinet" by Christoph Engle is crafted with kwila from New Zealand and spalted maple from Iowa.
These two different woods have been chosen in a mindful way so they complement each other in the
piece as a whole.

Fine detailed woodwork combined with a very thoughtful design makes this piece of art a beautiful addition to my life and home. I wish I had a picture to add to your educational blog.