Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What I'm Making: Stool Edition

OK, first, let's just dispense with the stool sample jokes right here at the get-go. They're funny and I love them, but I've got to move on.


I love three-legged stools. I designed this one because I think most stools are designed all wrong. Four legs are overkill. You only need three legs to support a stool, especially a short one.

The other thing about four-legged stools that drives me crazy is that most of them have their seat oriented so that your feet hang against the legs -- in exactly the wrong place. You want to be able to rest your feet on the rungs, but you can't because the legs get in the way. A pet peeve I have about most three-legged stools is that two legs are usually in front, with one in the back. With the two legs in front, you encounter the same leg problem as you do with the four-legged stool: the stool's legs get in the way of your legs. I designed mine with one leg in front and with an integral footrest. To find the most comfortable height for the footrest, I experimented by stacking books on the floor and resting my feet on them.

For the seat, I wanted a very scooped-out, sculptural feel. While I like the seat on this stool, I'll probably always want to play around with the shape to keep improving it. The seat is made of cherry. The legs are ash and the footrest is walnut.