Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Furniture I Love: Present Time Clocks Edition

One of the things I love about Present Time Clocks is that, as clock-maker Jim Dailey explains on his website, "The designs are inspired by the past, but they are not 'antique reproductions.' They are meant to evoke the feeling of an earlier era, as well as belong in the 'present time.'"

The clocks are a perfect mix of classic Arts & Crafts style with a modern sensibility. I'm so impressed by the styles, the wood and finish options and even the different movements available. With Dailey's meticulous craftsmanship and the top-of-the-line movements he uses, I'm sure these clocks are worth every penny of their price. But I'm also amazed that the prices are so reasonable. These clocks are actually an affordable way to have an heirloom-quality piece of handmade art in your home. Here are some examples of a few clocks that I love:

As a woodworker, I love the way Dailey finishes quartersawn white oak. It has a mellow, aged feel while maintaining a sharpness to the beautiful figure of the wood. That's quite a trick!

Check out these beautiful clocks at

All photos by Jim Dailey.